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Our services rely on cookies and/or web beacon technology. With cookies - small text files that store non-personally identifiable information - we are able to deliver personalized advertising. If you do not want to see personalized ads from RTB House, you can opt out at any time. An “opt-out cookie” will be installed in your browser and block the placement of cookies from RTB House. Please note that for multiple browsers and devices, you must opt out on each browser or device, and if you delete your browser cookies you must opt out again. See our Privacy Policy  to learn more.
What Does RTB House Do?
RTB House develops digital advertising solutions for clients worldwide. The technology is built on retargeting and real-time bidding (RTB) models to deliver personalized, online ads in real-time.
Our Solution
Flexible. Transparent. Made-to-Fit. Learn more about RTB House solution to get the most out of personalized retargeting.
  • Customer Journey Scenarios
  • Industry-based Customer Segmentation
  • Deep Learning Optimization
  • Transparent Reporting and 24/7 Goals Monitoring
  • Brand Safety tailored to your policy
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